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“Yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hai,

Ek baar khula to sirf ek tukda nahi kha paoge.”

The wedding teaser is on high fervour these days which  has come from the cinema only. Teasers can be termed as a short cut which summarises the whole video in some minutes. They are easy to share so that everyone can see how your big day turned out the way your big day is shown with mixture of emotion of bride, groom, family and friends with a beautiful song in the background makes the teaser unique in its own way.

Wedding photos are just a snapshot of the specific moment, whereas videos and teasers are the entire moments. In 5-6 minutes you relive the best moments that are captured in our teasers highlight.

Our team’s aim is to give quality results, fast turnarounds and make your wedding events through our high quality workflow expertise. 

Moments of Love: Highlighting the Connection

  • Show candid moments between the couple. This could include a loving glance, a gentle touch, or a shared laugh.
  • Include snippets of their vows or a voiceover of them expressing their feelings for each other.
  • Capture the reactions of close family and friends as they witness these moments.

The Ceremony: Emphasizing the Commitment

  • Show the bride walking down the aisle, the groom’s reaction, and the exchange of rings.
  • Use slow motion to emphasize the significance of these moments.
  • Incorporate audio of the officiant pronouncing them as a married couple and their first kiss.

Celebration: The Joy of the Reception

  • Transition to the reception with shots of the couple entering the venue, their first dance, and guests enjoying themselves.
  • Highlight key moments like the cutting of the cake, toasts, and everyone dancing.
  • Use upbeat music to convey the joyous atmosphere.

Closing Scene: A Beautiful Ending

  • End with a shot of the couple leaving the venue or a romantic moment, such as a kiss under the stars or a sparkler send-off.
  • Include a simple text overlay with their names and wedding date, and a “Coming Soon” for the full video.

Music and Editing: Setting the Tone

  • Choose music that fits the couple’s personality and the overall mood of the wedding. The right soundtrack can evoke emotions and set the pace for the teaser.
  • Keep the teaser short, ideally between 1-3 minutes, to maintain interest and excitement.
  • Use seamless transitions and edits to ensure a smooth and captivating flow.